Tool2Try: Going Paperless by Printing PDF

gogreen-paperlessIn today’s post I will share with you a software that you can install in your computer so you can print PDF versions of anything you want to keep allowing you to go paperless or reduce your paper output.

Benefits of Going Paperless
  • Eco Green Friendly – You simply save trees.
  • Cost Saving – Reduce cost on paper and ink expenses.
  • Reduce Paper Clutter – Digitizing your print will help you reduce the amount of paper on your desk.

Recommended Tool – PrimoPDF

The recommended tool to install is PrimoPDF. It adds the ability to print to PDF in any application that has a print function.

PrimoPDF installs onto your computer as an additional printer option. It appears as another printer listed on the printer list when printing. When you want to save your print-out as PDF, just change the printer selection to PrimoPDF before clicking the Ok button on the print dialogue window. See image below for an example.


You can download the PrimoPDF software tool here:

How To Use PrimoPDF

The following video shows how to install PrimoPDF, how to print to PDF and how to change the default printer to PrimoPDF. Changing your printer default to PrimoPDF is a good idea if you want most of your print to be digitized.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”640″ height=”360″]

I personally love this tool because it helps me save paper and ink by storing digital forms of the things I would have printed. Instead, by saving it as PDF I can file them away and archive them easily by creating folders that allow me to recognize what the materials are. Further, it allows me to do my little bit by saving the environment by using less paper.

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