How To Take Advantage of Pin Tweets

Not using a pinned tweet on Twitter? Well, you’re overlooking one of the best marketing opportunities that Twitter offers! What Are Pin Tweets? A pin tweet is the first tweet that a user sees when they visit your profile. That makes it more valuable than the other tweets in your feed.

Pin Your Own Tweet Strategy

Most Twitter users retweet or tweet content from others, which can cause your own tweet content to get buried in your Twitter timeline. To ensure you bring your audience to see your own content first, use the “Pin to your profile page” feature to move your own tweet content to the top of your Twitter timeline. This action allows you to highlight your own tweet content as the first thing your visitors see.

For example, if you are using Twitter to drive targeted traffic to a strategic blog post, ensure you pin it to keep it first in your Twitter timeline. This will ensure that it is seen first, and therefore it can continue to drive Twitter traffic to the blog post, even if you are retweeting other people’s tweets.

How to Pin a Tweet

Here are the steps on how to pin a tweet:

  1. Open up Twitter Profile Page.
  2. Choose the Tweet you would like to Pin on your Twitter timeline.
  3. Click on the more arrow located on the right corner of the tweet.
  4. Select “Pin to your profile page”.
  5. The Tweet will not automatically appear at the top of Page.

Here is a video that was done by Paul Wilson at PR Wilson Media showing the steps:

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