Twitter Tip: Benefits of Retweets

Twitter Tip: Benefits of Retweets

Twitter Tip: Benefits of RetweetsOne thing that can be done on Twitter is the ability to retweet Twitter posts.  Retweets, tagged as RT on Twitter allows your followers to pass on your tweets to their followers.  You can also do the same for any of your followers.

The effect of a retweet from one of your Twitter followers can be very powerful.  When they let their follower list see your tweet, the potential of reaching larger audiences suddenly opened up for your business.  Basically, the effect of retweets makes your business go viral on Twitter.

There are other things that come to play in a successful retweet.  One is that the tweet has to grab attention, and secondly, the tweet subject interest the audience.  Therefore, it is essential to wisely choose what to place within the 140 characters of your tweet, and it helps to follow others that have the same target audience.

Here is a video that I discovered and would like to share with you.  In this video, Mark Shaw shares some retweeting tips.  He covers tips on how to get retweeted, and as well, essential guidelines to follow when retweeting other peoples’ tweet.  Length of this video is 4 minutes:


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