Tool2Try Tip: Auto Feed Your Blog Posts to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

TwitterFeedIf you find posting your current blog to all your social network accounts is a bit time consuming this blog post is for you. This post will reveal to you an automated solution that is FREE.

The time to manually post your blog post to your Facebook page, Facebook profile, Twitter timeline, LinkedIn profile and company page can add up if you are an active blogger. Wouldn’t you like to just write and publish your post and that is it. Well, you can.

The solution is an online application called Twitterfeed. Don’t make its name fool you. It is not only for Twitter. It handles Facebook and LinkedIn too.

A demonstration on how to use Twitterfeed is covered in the video below. The length of the video is about 7 minutes. Thanks to Katie Freiling for creating the video and sharing her insight. Don’t forget to scroll down for more additional tips.

The above video demo goes through an example of feeding to Twitter, but you can also do the same process to Facebook and LinkedIn using Twitterfeed.

Unfortunately, Twitterfeed does not autofeed to GooglePlus, but there is another online application called HootSuite. We cover how to use HootSuite in this post located here:

The only thing I don’t like about HootSuite is it only allows you to feed your RSS feed to 2 social network accounts, which I find limiting. If you want to feed to more than 2 social networks using HootSuite, you would have to upgrade to their paid version. The free alternative is to use both Twitterfeed and HootSuite. Simply feed your blog using its RSS feed with Twitterfeed to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, then use HootSuite for GooglePlus.

I hope this Tool2Try tip is helpful to you. Appreciate your feedback by leaving a comment below. Let us know if this is a tool that you would use.

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