Social Media Sharing Buttons Explained

social-media-share-buttonsAdding these buttons to your content enables you to expand your reach to your website visitor’s and blog reader’s network of friends, followers and connections. These buttons allows them to easily share your information on your web page with their social media connections in their network. These would mean that your content reaches new audiences and generate more visitor traffic to your website and / or blog. Therefore, it is wise to add social media sharing buttons to every content page on you blog or website that is worth sharing.

Get Your Social media sharing Button

Getting social media sharing buttons onto your blog or website allows you to add the sharing feature outside Facebook and Twitter.

If your website and blog is built on WordPress, here is an article that covers 5 social media sharing buttons that you can add to your blog and / or website written by Joyce Grace:

8 Ways To Use Social Media Sharing Buttons

This video is provided by Social Media Examiner and presented by Mari Smith. Thanks Mari for sharing this with us.

The video is a bit old (published in 2011) but it is the best one out there to show what to use. About 95% of what is covered on the video is still valid today in 2014. I added my notes below this video on what is no longer valid.

[su_youtube url=”″ width=”640″ height=”360″]


Special note on the video:

  • Tweetmeme is no longer available early of this year
  • Where Mari mentions wordpress plugin, you can go to and search for it under the plugins repository (click the ‘plugins’ on the menu)

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