How to Use Social Media to Build a Powerful Brand

Are you using social media to build a power brand for your business? Branding is how a market perceives your business from the products it promotes to the message it conveys. There is no single item at your business that constitutes as what your brand represents; it’s a combination of your message, culture and what you have to offer. Social media provides a platform to share your brand with the world.

This article will explain how you can begin building a powerful online brand through social media.

Share your Expertise through Content

Share content to your community which helps your visitors with items related to your products or any other need they need fulfilled. Content does not necessarily need to be just about what you’re selling; it can be glimpses into your office, highlight your employees, convey your culture, share experiences from customers and much more. Each piece of content builds upon one another that continue to construct a strong online brand. Push only your best content to the world, don’t be overly promotional and always provide value to your end user.

Share your Authority through Interaction

Build your authority from the messages and interaction you have with members of your community. People have come to your business looking for a solution to their problem; extend the solution beyond your product by sharing messages that add to the overall value of what your product offers. When people have problems they often flock to social networks to ask the community. Join social networks to answer questions. Each time you interact with members on a social network you will also be reaching friends of these people that leads to a great perception of authority.


Share your Message through Updates

Update your community with recent events at your business or what’s happening within your marketplace. Information is powerful; sharing it will educate your community. If you are the only player within your market that’s taking advantage of social media than you’re at a prime spot to properly build an online brand. Businesses that are slow to join social networks are missing out on great opportunities to convey their message and build a lasting online brand through this interaction.

Share your Products through Networks

Tap into the millions of users on each social network by providing links, overviews and promotions about the products you have to offer. Social commerce is the future of how people buy on the web. Users share their experiences with products and businesses from companies that, in turn, entice others to buy from the company because of the powerful recommendation from a friend. Find your customers on the social networks, create a strong bond and your business will see a rise in customer interaction (and sales). A business that’s able to stand behind their products and answer questions open the flood gate to a highly recognizable brand.

Share your Culture through Transparency

Share the thing that makes your business special on social networks. People have moved away from dealing with businesses that only want to make money; share the unique element about the culture behind your business to have people get on board with what you represent rather than what you sell. Apple, for example, doesn’t simply sell products, their brand represents an artistic movement in computing; the movement is what people get behind and the products come second.


Branding goes well beyond a logo and the products you have to offer. Branding gives your business the ability to venture into new segments of your market and pull along your existing community to launch on a high note. Begin using social media for your business today, share amazing content, craft your message and remain transparent. You’ll build an online brand through great interaction on social media; your business has a message – spread it.

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