The 4 Engagements on Facebook Posts

The 4 Engagements on Facebook Posts

Do you know and do you track them? If you are a Facebook marketer then you should.  It allows you to gauge the type of content to develop to attract your target market on Facebook.

This post is a Facebook Marketing Tip about Facebook engagement. It is to clarify what are the main things you should track to know how your marketing efforts are doing.

The Engagement Markers on Facebook:

  1. “Like” – this is thumbs up, confirms you got their attention. Facebook has even improved it by adding a selection of emoticons other than the traditional thumbs up selection.
  2. Share – not only did you get their attention, they like your post enough to recommend it to their friends on Facebook. This increases your post exposure beyond your Facebook page fan list, and provides your post to go viral.
  3. Comment – you’ve triggered a reaction that they are motivated to participate or collaborate.
  4. Click a link on your post. This one has not been considered before, but in fact it is also an engagement trigger.  For someone to click on a link you share, means they’ve read your post and actually acted on finding out more.


Tracking Facebook Engagement:

The first 3 engagement triggers are tracked on Facebook. The fourth one, click on a link, needs to be tracked on your landing page.  It means you must have some type of web traffic analytic to be able to track these clicks from Facebook.  I suggest use Google Analytics or Stat Counter. I like Stat Counter for simple traffic analytic and Google Analytics for more in depth site traffic analysis.

Facebook Extra Note:

Another notable mention is that Facebook also tracks Reach.  Reach is not an engagement trigger in my opinion, but it allows you to know how much people have seen your post on their newsfeed.  It is great for gauging your post reach.

It is important to increase engagement triggers.  In our Facebook Marketing Course, one area we cover is how to apply techniques to your post to increase engagement triggers.

Thanks for your time and please let me know your thoughts in this topic by leaving your comment below.

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