Facebook Ad Targeting Complete Guide [Infographic]

Facebook Ad Targeting Complete Guide [Infographic]

Many Facebook advertisers don’t properly target their ad, because they use common and most competitive target options.  This is how most ad budgets are drained quickly for businesses that end up getting no results.

To optimize Facebook ads, it is better to scale down to the specifics allowing the advertiser to reach more targeted audiences that most likely be interested in what they offer.

To help you target Facebook ads better, below is an infographic guide which provides the breakdown of the ad targeting filters that allow Facebook advertisers to hone to more specific prospects in Facebook.

This Facebook ad targeting guide created by advertisement.com, an advertising agency is comprehensive.  It shows 850 Facebook ad targeting options.  Use it for reference.

You can also download a copy here, provided by advertisement.com.

Facebook can help generate leads for a business.  Find-out how by learning to apply Facebook Marketing for business. Check it out by clicking the link.

Facebook Ad Targeting Complete Guide – Infographic

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