Creating GIF for Social Media [Free GIF Resource]

Creating GIF for Social Media [Free GIF Resource]

Creating GIF for Social Media [Free GIF Resource]GIF image on social media post is so popular today.  Active social media marketers are always on a look-out for free GIF stocks and ways to make their own. This post reveals just that.

GIF images are animated images or short clips of video that are converted to animated image. GIF is the image file extension to save animated images. GIF images are very short in length, usually a few seconds.

You can also create your own GIF image by converting slideshows (multiple still image that are put together to make a video) or short sections of any video.

This becomes very simple at Giphy. Giphy is my favorite resource for everything GIF – at

GIF Image Stock:

At the home page of the Giphy website – at you will see a gallery of GIF images.  Use the search bar to find specific categories that relate to your business niche.  If you cannot find GIF image to use for your business, then you will need to create your own.  See GIF tools below.

Creating GIF for Social Media [Free GIF Resource]GIF Tools:

To access the tools in Giphy go to –

Here are the Giphy tools available:

  • GIF Caption – a tool which adds text to GIF images
  • GIF Maker – Ability to ceate your own GIF from your own video file or YouTube link
  • GIF Editor – Ability to add animated stickers, fun filters, and captions to your GIFs

How to Make Your Own GIF [Video Tutorial]:

So give it a try and start adding GIF image to your Twitter or Facebook post.

WE WANT TO KNOW: Do you post GIF in your Facebook or Twitter post? If yes, what tool do you use to make your GIF creatives?
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