How Social Media Sharing Buttons Can Increase Website and Blog Exposure

Social-Viral-SharingInstalling social media sharing buttons allows you to integrate a powerful viral marketing tactic by using social media networks that have tons of members. Basically, social media sharing buttons uses the power of sharing to multiply your reach.

When your blog post or website page is shared the web page goes viral. Viral allows your business to reach a lot more then the audience you already have on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and even Pinterest. The sharing feature in social media is a powerful feature that they all have. They may be called differently in each platform, but generally they do all the same thing, which is to share the information they found to their list.

Viral Marketing: The Power of Multiplication

To explain viral marketing in social media, I will use Facebook and Twitter in this article, but keep in mind that the same principle can apply to LinkedIn, Google Plus and even Pinterest. You just need to know the sharing ability in those social platforms.

Facebook for example claims that the average number of friends a Facebook member has is 125 friends. Using this average, we can surmise that when one Facebook member shares one of your posts to their friends, you get another 125 Facebook member exposure.


So using the power of multiplication if 5 Facebook members share your post, the potential additional exposure you can receive are 625 (5 X 125) additional Facebook members can see your post.

The average number of followers a Twitter user has is 200 followers. Again, keep this in mind that this is an average. There are definitely members on Facebook and Twitter that have hundreds or even thousands of friends and followers. On Twitter though the sharing ability is a feature called retweet. You can read more about retweets by clicking the link.

So with the power of multiplication, I hope you can see that social media sharing helps any business increase exposure.

For more explanation on social media sharing buttons, check out this post that covers “Social Media Sharing Buttons Explained“.

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