Blogging For Business: Features That Can Boost Sales

guest-bloggingThe term blog is short for web log. It is a web page where you can log in regularly and post text or graphics content. There are blogs that you can have for free while others you would have to pay for. Blog networks sites like WordPress, Blogger, and Squidoo offer free blog space. Because of this, a blog is probably the most convenient way to own a personal site online. Blogs can be personal, professional, or business. Personal blogs are purely personal journals of their owner. Pro blogs or professional blogs are created to earn income by using blogging to earn money. They make money by post ads within the written articles and selling the ad space. Very similar tactics as magazines. Meanwhile, business blogs are created for the purpose of promoting the products or services sold by the blog owner. Blogging for business has become the new trend among businesses today.

A blog is more convenient to use than a regular website. Other than its cost efficiency, it is also easier to manage. You can easily make all its content appear in the main page, unlike with websites where you may have to deal with different pages. Your posts can contain texts, photos, graphics, links, and videos. Entries appear chronologically, usually with the latest occupying the topmost area. Plus, blogs can also be easily updated.

If you are into blogging for business, the following are some of the blog features that you must be familiar with other than the content area.  There is also a video that covers these items.  Simply scroll down this page to watch the video:

What is Archive 

A blog archive is a collection of old posts which are usually grouped by week or month. The archive is usually located in the blog’s sidebar or near the header, somewhere that will facilitate easy access to old posts.

What are Categories

Related blog entries can be grouped into categories such as products, promos, services, and others. This will facilitate easy access of visitors to those entries that catch their interest.

What is Blogroll

This is a list of blogs that you like or follow, located in your blog’s sidebar or below for easy access. You can include your other blog sites in your blogroll so that your blog viewers can link to them easily. If your business is flower arrangements and you’re also selling gardening supplies, for example, you can place a link to your gardening supplies blog in the blogroll of your flower arrangement page. Blogrolls are great traffic generator. If you are included in the blogroll of other sites and blogs, your site will get a greater exposure. Site visitor can easily click on your link and arrive on your site. And if your blog has many incoming links from other high quality blogs, it will rank higher in search engines.

What are Comments

Another feature that you can include in your blog is the section for comments. Your blog visitors can easily leave comments on every article you post, to which you respond accordingly. If you diligently post interesting entries, respond to all your commenters, and regularly visit other related blogs and correspondingly leave comments, you can eventually form a blog-based community. This can greatly bring more traffic to your blog.

Here is video that puts everything mentioned above into context.  Thank you to Rapid Learning Life for making and sharing this video:

The primary purpose of all the above blog features is to facilitate easy browsing of your blog as well as to boost traffic, thereby increasing the exposure of your products and services, which can be converted into sales. All these can make your blogging for business a success.

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