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The Impact of Visual Content In Your Social Media Efforts

Visual content is so important today when you actively apply social media marketing. Most online users prefer visual content when


roaming within social platforms.

Visual content also grabs attention, therefore providing more views to your social media post. Want more engagement? Then ensure that your social media post has a photo or image that entices a reaction.

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Should You Know SEO?

When should you know SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? If you blog, write articles of any kind and maintain website content, then it is a good idea to have some knowledge of SEO.

SEO is a type of technique applied to content on the web to help the search engine categorize it when they index the web page on their search… Continue reading

Gift Suggestions for Entrepreneurs

When running a business, networking is something we do offline and online.  If you been an entrepreneur for a long time you would have gathered lots of other entrepreneurs as part of your network.  Some may have been excellent connections, other may have become social friends and other has provided business referrals.  Whichever it is, if you are looking for ideas for gifts, I found this article very useful for ideas from Socially Sorted: Continue reading