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Quality Customer Service Is The Life Blood Of Every Business

As an Entrepreneur and a Business Owner, I come to realize that quality customer service and appreciating your customers is essential to my business success. Here are 10 things and tips that I learned with my dealing with customers.

1. Always smile, whether in person, on the phone or in writing, customers can feel positive energy

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Why Join LinkedIn?

Most businesses now a day focuses on social network marketing on Facebook.  It is essential to know that LinkedIn is another social network that can provide businessess with additional lead channels.  Watch this “Why Join LinkedIn” video and find out what people say about LinkedIn.





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Twitter Tip – How To Attract More Followers

Found this video that shows you several tips on how to make your Twitter page more professional.  We show many of this techniques and the how-to in our Twitter Marketing Course.  So check-out this video now:





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