Tool2Try: Encrypt Your Login Keystrokes to Social Media Accounts – KeyScrambler Review

With the high increase of hackers and malicious intent to hack your social media accounts, it becomes a battle to secure our login to our accounts.

In this online age where most of your work is done on the Internet, we need to continuously find ways to properly protect are activities from snoopers. There are people (hackers) and bots (programs) which collect information on your activity online. Some track your keystrokes and use the information for malicious intent.

So in this post I will do a review of KeyScrambler the Personal Free version, an anti-keylogging software, that encrypts keystrokes in a browser.

KeyScrambler Feature

KeyScrambler is something that acts between your keyboard and keyloggers. This means it changes – or rather – encrypts the characters you type into something else before it gets to any other part of the computer. Features are:

  • Enhanced Security in 30+ Browsers
  • Encrypts everything you type to protect your privacy and identity

While KeyScrambler helps you stay secure on the Internet keep in mind the encryption of characters typed is limited to browsers only. Social media platforms therefore are covered as long as you access your social media account through a browser that is protected with KeyScrambler.

I’ve only had the opportunity to use it on the Chrome and Firefox browser, but it claims to work on almost all browsers.

More details of its features can be read here:

KeyScrambler Explained and In Action

Here is a video that shows KeyScrambler in action:

[su_youtube url=”” width=”420″ height=”320″]

[su_box title=”Software Download” style=”bubbles”]You can download the KeyScrambler software on this page:[/su_box]

I hope this Tool2Try tip is helpful to you. Appreciate your feedback by leaving a comment below. Let us know if this is a tool that you would use.

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