Remembrance Day Resource to use on Social Media

This blog post provides a compilation of resources that you can use on social media posts that are Remembrance Day themed. By posting Remembrance Day themed posts, you are doing your part to spread the idea to “Never Forget” the sacrifice of the Fallen who fight for Freedom.

How You Can Take Part:

Today is Remembrance Day, which is when we honor and remember the men and women who served Canada in times of war, military conflict, peace and the efforts to fight for freedom. Make sure you take an active role by doing these two simple things:

  •  Wear a poppy. It is a symbol that you “Never Forget” the contributions of these men and women, but you are also doing your part to donate to the Royal Canadian Legion. The money raised from donations provides financial assistance to veterans in need, funds, medical equipment, research, home services long-term care facilities and more.
  • In Canada at 11:00 AM, there is a two-minute silent pause to commemorate the Fallen. Make sure you take part by pausing for these 2 minutes today to remember.

Remembrance Day in Social Media:

If you are active in social media, you can take part to remember and “Never Forget” by sharing things about Remembrance Day. Most businesses usually post something in the theme of the holiday or special days. If you do, below are some resources you can look at that are Remembrance Day themed. You can share them as tweets or posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

Remembrance Day Poems to Share:
Remembrance Day Photo and Images:
Remembrance Day Quotes:

Here at Ecommerce Business Solutions, we “Never Forget” the contributions of the men and women that help provide freedom and peace.


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