Greetings! Happy Holidays Resource Themed

We would like to wishing all our blog readers, Twitter followers, Facebook fans and LinkedIn connections a very Merry Christmas! If you don’t celebrate Christmas we still send our warm wishes to you and your family.

Meanwhile here are some resources you may want to check-out that are Christmas and Season Holiday Themed:

Christmas Songs as YouTube Videos

Simply paste the YouTube video link in your social media post.

Christmas Poem Collection

This website has a great collection of christmas poems.  Simply post the poem web page link to your social media post.

Christmas Card Maker – Free Web App

Still need to send Christmas cards out. It is too late for the mail post, but there is still time for emailing cards.  Here is an web app that can help you create them. You will be able to save it as a PDF file, then email it as attachment to your email.

Christmas Free Stock Photos

Here is one site that has a good selection of Royalty Free Photo Stock.  Just pass the first two rows of images which are paid links to ShutterStock.  Images pass the first two rows seems to be free ones.


That is it for now.  Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all who celebrate Christmas.








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