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Tool2Try: How to Add Borders to Your Images on WordPress 3.9+

If you’ve upgraded to the newest version of WordPress (version 3.9 and on), you will discover that under the advanced image feature the ability to add borders to individual images have been removed.

Solution – Advanced Image Styles WP PlugIn

Why WordPress decided to remove the ability to add borders around images, totally baffles me.  But don’t fret.  … Continue reading

Social Media Sharing Buttons Explained

Adding these buttons to your content enables you to expand your reach to your website visitor’s and blog reader’s network of friends, followers and connections. These buttons allows them to easily share your information on your web page with their social media connections in their network. These would mean that your content reaches new audiences and generate Continue reading

Tool2Try Tip: Auto Feed Your Blog Posts to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

If you find posting your current blog to all your social network accounts is a bit time consuming this blog post is for you. This post will reveal to you an automated solution that is FREE.

The time to manually post your blog post to your Facebook page, Facebook profile, Twitter timeline, LinkedIn profile and company page can add up… Continue reading

Tool2Try: How To Install Blog RSS Feed Into Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media management tool.  In our Blogging and Blog Marketing Course, I cover using Hootsuite to feed your blog post automatically to social networks. 

When you sign-up for a free Hootsuite account, you are allowed to auto feed your blog via it’s RSS feed to two (2) social networks.

When you auto feed your… Continue reading