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Tool2Try: Going Paperless by Printing PDF

In today’s post I will share with you a software that you can install in your computer so you can print PDF versions of anything you want to keep allowing you to go paperless or reduce your paper output.

Benefits of Going Paperless Eco Green Friendly – You simply save trees. Cost Saving – Reduce cost on paper and ink… Continue reading

Social Media Sharing Buttons Explained

Adding these buttons to your content enables you to expand your reach to your website visitor’s and blog reader’s network of friends, followers and connections. These buttons allows them to easily share your information on your web page with their social media connections in their network. These would mean that your content reaches new audiences and generate Continue reading

Tool2Try: Encrypt Your Login Keystrokes to Social Media Accounts – KeyScrambler Review

With the high increase of hackers and malicious intent to hack your social media accounts, it becomes a battle to secure our login to our accounts.

In this online age where most of your work is done on the Internet, we need to continuously find ways to properly protect are activities from snoopers. There are people (hackers) and bots (programs)… Continue reading