LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn Profile Cheat Sheet

Take some time to review your LinkedIn profile and see if you are making the most of its potential. A complete profile can directly benefit your business or professional career because LinkedIn profiles rank highly on many search engines. Most time when a person is googled their LinkedIn profile is in the top of Google’s search results.  Therefore, if… Continue reading

LinkedIn Advertising Guide 2017 [Infographic]

Here is a fantastic visual guide for marketers who market their business on the B2B social media platform: LinkedIn

The infographic below, which was published by the folks in illustrate nicely what you need to know about LinkedIn ads so you can decide strategically the specification of your ads, such as:

Types of ads that can be set-up Targeting… Continue reading

Social Media Image Size Guide for 2017 [Infographic]

Every post you add on social media should have an image attached to make your post visually compelling. A post with no image is less likely to get any click-through. If you are active in social media for marketing purposes, you want click-through.

The challenge for marketers is every social media platform has their own specification for size and format.… Continue reading

How Social Media Sharing Buttons Can Increase Website and Blog Exposure

Installing social media sharing buttons allows you to integrate a powerful viral marketing tactic by using social media networks that have tons of members. Basically, social media sharing buttons uses the power of sharing to multiply your reach.

When your blog post or website page is shared the web page goes viral. Viral allows your business to reach a lot… Continue reading

Remembrance Day Resource to use on Social Media

This blog post provides a compilation of resources that you can use on social media posts that are Remembrance Day themed. By posting Remembrance Day themed posts, you are doing your part to spread the idea to “Never Forget” the sacrifice of the Fallen who fight for Freedom.

How You Can Take Part:

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Free Digital Photos Resource List

Images such as photos and graphics are essential add-ons to blog and social media posts.   Images are paramount in engaging with the audiences today. The power of visual content is growing and if you haven’t been adding images to your post then it is time to start.

Although I mention how important it is to add images to… Continue reading