Social Media Management Check-List [Infographics]

Social Media Management Check-List [Infographics]

Social media management can be a challenge. Knowing what to do every step can help in time management. Do you know exactly what you should do when you sign-on to your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account? If not, I find that having a check list can help in the process.

This infographic by HeroX, is a social media management tool that you can employ to make your social media activity more efficient.

It is an easy to follow check list for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare, Blogging, Google+ and Reddit.  Simply scroll down to the end to see the infographic.


Social media time management is critical to a business’ productivity.  The above is a fantastic resource for social media management.

Want to learn how to apply a social media marketing strategy for your online business, check-out these social media marketing courses.

Social Media Management Infographic

♦♦♦ Do you follow the same amount of activity as indicated in this check list? Or do you think it is too much or too little? Share your answer by leaving a comment below. ♦♦♦


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