Adding Exclusive Content to Your Facebook Page

facebook-appDo you know that you can add additional pages to your Facebook Business Page by using the Facebook apps feature in Pages? Using this feature provides you the ability to go beyond your Facebook Timeline. Here are some ideas of what you can create to market your business:

  • Add a photo gallery page with photos of products you sell.  With a photo gallery page you’ve integrated a online catalog right on Facebook
  • Connect other social platforms such as your Tweet feed, Pinterest board or Blog post feed to provide your fans more content that keeps them interested.  It also cross connects all your other social activities into Facebook.
  • Connect your YouTube channel to create your own TV page within your business Facebook page. This is great for businesses that do video presentations and demos to promote their services.
  • Insert a opt-in page to increase email marketing subscriber list with Facebook members.
  • Insert a free offer page, such as download ebook, reports or check list that help pre-sell your products or services.

These are just a few ideas.

tradablebits-logoTo get these types of specialized pages into your Facebook page, you will need to install a Facebook app (application). My favorite Facebook app solution to add exclusive content is TradableBits at

How to install TradableBits to your Facebook page:

  1. First go to
  2. Connect your Facebook Account by clicking the “Connect to Facebook” option, or you can elect to sign-up for an account as well.
  3. Watch the video below. It provides an overview of the TradableBits app and all the applications it offers.

More about TradableBits:

To see a list of applications provided by TradableBits, see our last blog post – TradableBits list of Applications for Facebook.


TradableBits is just one of the apps we cover in our Facebook marketing course.


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