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30 Effective Social Media Tactics [Infographic]

List of 30 social media tactics including an infographic.

Here is a helpful reference list for social media marketing of 30 social media tactics.  Refer to this list when you want to determine new ones to apply in your social media activity. Some tactics may not be applicable for your business, therefore select a handful to focus on and make sure it is relevant to apply in your business. Continue reading

Make Valentine Creatives With Free Resources

Valentine is just around the corner. We like to “Share the Love” by republishing this compilation of Valentine’s Day photos, images and graphic resources.  This year we’ve added the ‘Love Quote’ resource for additional fun for 2017 creatives.  Continue reading

Social Media Management Check-List [Infographics]

Social media management can be a challenge. Knowing what to do every step can help in time management. Do you know exactly what you should do when you sign-on to your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account? If not, I find that having a check list can help in the process.

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The Psychology of Colours for Marketing [Infographic]

Discover how you can influence buying behavior by applying specific colours into your marketing materials and website pages.

Colour psychology indicates that colour influences perception and is a determinant of human behavior.

Below is a great infographic which explains the psychology of colours provided by This infographic breaks it down by personality / emotion, marketing, politics and chakra.

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