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Make Valentine Creatives With Free Resources

Valentine is just around the corner. We like to “Share the Love” by republishing this compilation of Valentine’s Day photos, images and graphic resources.  This year we’ve added the ‘Love Quote’ resource for additional fun for 2017 creatives.  Continue reading →

LinkedIn Profile Cheat Sheet

Take some time to review your LinkedIn profile and see if you are making the most of its potential. A complete profile can directly benefit your business or professional career because LinkedIn profiles rank highly on many search engines. Most time when a person is googled their LinkedIn profile is in the top of Google’s search results.  Therefore, if a potential client or job recruiter searches for you on… Continue reading →

Video Marketing Tips & Stats

Video marketing is on the rise. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, and not actively promoting your business you would undoubtedly recognize this.  It is become one of the newest additions in most marketing and promotion toolbox.

Furthermore, one of the most compelling benefits for video marketing is it really gets your visitors involved with your blog post, and really gets them engaged with your content.

Video Marketing… Continue reading →

Social Media Management Check-List [Infographics]

Social media management can be a challenge. Knowing what to do every step can help in time management. Do you know exactly what you should do when you sign-on to your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account? If not, I find that having a check list can help in the process.

Continue reading →

The Psychology of Colours for Marketing [Infographic]

Discover how you can influence buying behavior by applying specific colours into your marketing materials and website pages.

Colour psychology indicates that colour influences perception and is a determinant of human behavior.

Great infographic which explains the psychology of colours provided by This infographic breaks it down by personality / emotion, marketing, politics and chakra.

Continue reading →

How Social Media Sharing Buttons Can Increase Website and Blog Exposure

Installing social media sharing buttons allows you to integrate a powerful viral marketing tactic by using social media networks that have tons of members. Basically, social media sharing buttons uses the power of sharing to multiply your reach.

When your blog post or website page is shared the web page goes viral. Viral allows your business to reach a lot more then the audience you already have on Facebook, Twitter,… Continue reading →

How To Write a Blog Comment for SEO

Blog commenting can be used as back links for SEO. It is important to focus on leaving comments that are highly likely to be approved by the blog editor. Focus on leaving comments which provides relevant and value added information. For example, sharing your own relevant blog post or article in your comment is more likely approved by the blog editor if it ties in to their topic.

Back links… Continue reading →

Twitter Tip: Benefits of Retweets

One thing that can be done on Twitter is the ability to retweet Twitter posts.  Retweets, tagged as RT on Twitter allows your followers to pass on your tweets to their followers.  You can also do the same for any of your followers.

The effect of a retweet from one of your Twitter followers can be very powerful.  When they let their follower list see your tweet,… Continue reading →

Infographics Tutorial – How To Create Your Own Infographics

Are you using Infographics as a part of your content generation? If not, it’s time to consider creating and including it as one of your content type for social media.  Continue to read on and watch the video below to learn how to create your own Infographics.

When using Infographics as content for social media marketing, it should be visually engaging and the subject matter must interest your target… Continue reading →

Adding Exclusive Content to Your Facebook Page

Do you know that you can add additional pages to your Facebook Business Page by using the Facebook apps feature in Pages? Using this feature provides you the ability to go beyond your Facebook Timeline. Here are some ideas of what you can create to market your business:

Add a photo gallery page with photos of products you sell.  With a photo gallery page you’ve integrated a online catalog… Continue reading →

TradableBits List of Applications for Facebook

TradableBits is one of my favorite Facebook app.  It allows me to add exclusive content right on our Facebook business page.  The images below displays all the applications available when you install TradableBits to your Facebook business page.

Keep in mind to use the premium apps, you require to pay a monthly subscription with TradableBits.  If you want to stick to the FREE version, there are about… Continue reading →

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